Get Assistance From a Bee Relocation Expert in Wellington, FL

Florida is home to a variety of beautiful bees. Bees contribute greatly to the well-being of our ecosystem, but when they create a hive in the walls of your home or somewhere a bit too close to keep a safe distance from you while they work, they can become a hazard to not only you and your family but to themselves as well. Therefore, the bees and their hive will need to be carefully relocated to a safe place where they can thrive.

A bee relocation expert from Nelson’s Bee Removal can carefully and safely relocate the bees and their hive away from your Wellington, FL, home in a way that won’t harm the bees. Our honeybee relocation experts have the experience, equipment, protective measures, and training necessary to accomplish the relocation. We’ll also ensure the bees settle nicely so they don’t attempt to return.

Why You Need The Help of a Bee Relocation Expert

If you attempt to move the hive yourself, you risk painful stings from angry bees, which can subsequently kill many of the bees, and you risk destroying the delicate hive they worked so hard to build. Using insecticides or other pest-killer chemicals to kill bees is detrimental to our environment because of their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Not only do bees, particularly honeybees, make honey so we can enjoy a tasty treat, but they pollinate flowers to keep them thriving, they contribute to the growth of plants and crops, and they create beeswax, which we use for a variety of health and skin care products. So not only is their work necessary for putting food on our tables and keeping us healthy, but they help keep our environment beautiful because many flowers cannot thrive without them.

We’re passionate about relocating bees to a safe environment where they can continue to make necessary contributions to our environment. Even if we remove the bees from your premises altogether, we’ll ensure they end up somewhere they can do what they do best. To reach out, visit our contact page or call us today.