Taking Care of Your Buzzing Problems

Bee Removal and Relocation From a Local Beekeeper

The Professionals to Call to Get Bees Out of Your Property

Nelson's Bee Removal, LLC offers both residential and commercial bee removal services. We are a certified provider with licensed and highly trained staff ready to fulfill any industry requirement.

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Customized Residential and Commercial Services

We will tailor services that suit your diverse needs. You can expect us to provide you with:


Outlined needs within our general comprehensive plan


Customized options


Timely follow-up maintenance checks for safety

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    Detailed Written Estimates and Service Contracts

    Dependability and accountability are two of our indispensable core values. We back up our commitment to our clients with detailed estimates and service contracts to avoid problems down the line.

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    Flexible Scheduling

    Depending on the specific requirements of your home or place of business, we can arrange prompt services that work for you at cost-effective rates.

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    Reasonable Rates

    While prices vary depending on size and location, we base all service costs on a flat-rate fee and on your requirements. Additional services will not exceed a preset maximum cost. We provide comprehensive estimates and clear task checklists, so you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality control is an important part of how we do our business. We never consider any project to be complete until our clients are completely satisfied, which is evident in the customer care evaluations and client testimonials about us.

Open Communication Is Key

We constantly connect with our customers and gladly welcome their feedback. Whether you require a one-time service or want to sign up for an extended contract, we check on you throughout the process and then make improvements as necessary.

Reach Out to Us

Contact us for a no-obligation and free consultation to discuss your needs.


"Mr. Nelson truly surpassed my expectations. He responded promptly with a quote, which was lower than all the other beekeepers I'd called. He was exceedingly helpful, informative, and honest from start to finish. This experience was easy and painless, and I would call him again in a minute. Thanks again, Silas!!"

Caron Carbone

"This was a very special moment. Mr. Nelson is bright, kind, and is helping the environment. I recommend him without any reservation. Please follow his website and help save honey bees. Thank you for being who you are, Mr. Nelson."

Sarra Kaplan

"Excellent communicator, quick service. So glad Silas arrived at dusk to make the removal a little calmer on the bees. Good work!"

Mary James

"If I could give this business 20 stars, I would. I called him on a Saturday afternoon and Silas was at my house less than 20 minutes later. He was a very nice guy. Professional, knowledgeable, and honest. He told me on the phone if he needed to do this it would be this amount, but if he only had to do this it would only be this much. Very true to his word. He is a local guy and didn't try to fast-talk me and raise his prices once he arrived. He explained the whole procedure. Answered all my questions. We thought there would only be a couple hundred bees because we only noticed them a couple days ago. When Silas removed the board, there was already a hive and a couple thousand bees. I watched from inside. I went out to see the hive before he removed it. He put it in a special box along with the queen and as many of the bees as possible. He said if I had waited a couple weeks the entire area would have been filled with bees and hive. Glad I didn't wait! He also guarantees his work and will come back for free if the stragglers refuse to move on in a couple days. Very highly recommended!"

Dawn LeRoy